Barcamp HK 2018 – Danger in The Name of USB

I attended my first Barcamp as a speaker in October. I held a lecture on USB attacks, which I have already blogged about (“Hacking Gadgets: Hak5 Bash Bunny“, “How to Hack a Computer in Seconds or Bash Bunny and Packet Squirrel Attacks“) and about which I and William Ischanoe have lectured at HackerFest in Prague (“HackerFest 2018 and what we couldn´t fit into the lecture“).

The organizers have published all of the lecture video recordings on YouTube. It is the first official video on which you can see me (if I skip the “pendant” on our corporate website I have attached the video at the end of this article. I have also added a slideshow and recordings of each of sample attacks (they are hardly visible on the video). I hope you’ll like it. 🙂

I have started to work on a new lecture, this time on “IT security for freelancers and small teams“. I deal with threats that concern just them. I would like to have it practical and entertaining, so I’m preparing examples of attacks that I’ve either met with or read about. We have prepared a “private rehearsal” in cooperation with Impact Hub Brno on 15.1. 2018 from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm to test and fine-tune the lecture. If you are interested in the topic, I’ll be happy to see you there.

(Invitations/Registration/FB event is operated by Impact Hub. When everything is done, I’d like to send you a link via email. We will also share the event on our corporate Facebook). 


My lecture video recording:

Attack # 1: Obtain persistent remote backdoor:

Attack # 2: Stealing data from the PC:

Attack # 2: What data didi we steal from the PC:


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