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Martin Haller HackerFest2019

I am a technician by heart

I’ve been managing computer networks ever since my studies and I’ve never done any other profession.

Once I have launched my own company, PATRON-IT s.r.o., my hands were freed, so I can focus on IT security. I believe that to properly secure the network, I must first be able to break it. I  have been hacking (ethically) for years, so I would be able to protect customers from hackers today. I’m SME professional, which will make your IT more efficient by tens percent, secure your network and ultimately save you money (for downtime and ransom, it’s that simple).

Field overlap is one of my competitive advantages, that allows me to manage unsolvable IT problems. In addition to IT security, I also have a deep understanding of networks, systems management, programming, automation. As I manage my own business, I can design solutions that are sustainable both financially and process-wise. I am also able to transfer the knowledge in a meaningful way thanks to the lectures.

I have gained a lot of knowledge during my professional “adolescence” from the Internet IT community. Therefore, I would now like to contribute my two cents (via this blog) and perhaps even help someone. On this blog, I share corporate know-how, ideas, and practical insights. When evaluating articles, please keep in mind that I come from IT outsourcing, so I write from the perspective of an external IT administrator. We take care of dozens of isolated autonomous networks as external administrators, and we cannot use some of the tools and procedures applied by internal administrators. This is sometimes an advantage (we understand a wide range of technologies) and sometimes a disadvantage (we can’t tune the network to the last detail). I will gladly review any comments regarding the articles.

My CV can be found online at LinkedIn.

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This webpage is not so updated as things change rapidly and there is so much great materials on the internet. If I will find some new source worth mentioning, I will try to share it with you.

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