Martin Haller

In 2011 I have started company PATRON-IT s.r.o. The company have grown over the years. Now we are partners and advisors for internal IT departments. We cowork together on a goal to make the companys networks secure, reliable and business supportive. It is an ideal form of coopeations. Internal IT knows the company, processes, internal systems, coworkers and business. We have deep knowledge in servers, networks, security and automatization as it is our daily bread.

During my studies I have benefited a lot from the internet community. That is why I would like to share my knowledge and hopefully help someone by doing so. I will be happy for any debate which will push us all forward.

I would like to share our company’s know how, ideas and observations. While reading the articles, please keep on mind that they are written from point of view of external IT administrator. As an external IT administrators we take care about more than hundred separated and autonomnout companies. So we cannot use some tools and procedures which are limited just to single environment.

I will be glad if I hear back from you.

Martin Haller (